Where To Get Best Desert Safari Deals?



Adventure to desert safari is a daring trip that inspires people to travel and create beautiful memories. Dubai has captured millions of tourist’s heart through its excellent service. That’s why a huge number of tourists come to enjoy desert safari every year. Dubai Desert Safari has become one of the most popular and unforgettable activities all over the world. Desert Safari have included in the top three attractions in the UAE. From sand dunes to desert camps, Arabian food to henna tattoos, camel ride to quad biking and sandboarding, there’s a lot to do in Dubai desert. That’s why you need to find the best Desert Safari Dubai, to experience all these activities. Different people have different personalities like some like quad biking, some like camel rides, some of you may be a morning person looking towards the sunrise, some likes the night under the stars in cold desert, some are foodie and would like to entertain their self with delicious Arabian food, some would like to entertain their self with belly dance, some are all of them. Whatever you are we are here to help you find the best deal.

Desert Adventure Group try its best to make this tour unforgettable for their tourist by proving the best deals. They have included many thrilling activities like Sunrise Safari, Dune Buggy, Half-Day Desert Safari, Overnight Desert Safari to provide you with an excellent experience. With this desert safari experience with Desert Adventure Group, you can bust your stress and have an amazing experience. But wait, there are many other sites and you have not tried them so don’t make your decision in a hurry.

1- Sunrise Safari: It’s good to wake up early and be the witness of the sunrise in the middle of the desert. Seeing rising the sun is so relaxing and beautiful that you never want to leave the place. This would be the best photography scenery. Sit relax on a carpet while enjoying the sunrise is truly a rare experience.

After watching that magical sunrise, depart in a four-wheel vehicle for an amazing traditional breakfast. And after that, you took directly to the thrilling desert for some thrilling adventure like a dune buggy, quad biking, sand boarding and many more. During these activities, you will be provided with drinks, coffee, dates for refreshment.

2- Dune Buggy: Ever wonder yourself driving on sand? Now you will with our dune buggy tour. We will take you in a 4×4 buggy and drive you through the amazing desert. Taking care of your safety we will provide you with a skilled driver who knows how to operate and drive the buggy in a safe way so no harm comes to you. Each buggy equipped with full cage, bucket seats, and horns. After putting on the helmet you will finally give an opportunity to experience a ride through the desert. A dune buggy is one of the most thrilling experiences of the trip.

4- Half-Day Desert Safari: In the half-day of desert safari you will discover the true desert of Abu Dhabi because of the sunset. During the afternoon part, first, you will be entertained with the tasty launch. After all those exciting adventures and having launch you will get a chance to ride the camels. Camels are the most peaceful animal and its height gives you an opportunity to see through the whole desert. While riding the camel, you came to watch the sunset from the dunes.Our journey will continue until we reach the Arabian camps arrange for you.

5- Overnight Desert Safari: Overnight safari means camping and camping means leave your all worries behind. After all these adventures, a traditional Arabian campsite is waiting for you with BBQ dinner, henna tattoos, belly dance throughout the diner.

After witnesses, the sunset, entertained by a delicious meal while belly dance performs on an Arabian traditional song as the night winds down bonfire light up the Arabian sky. After all those adventures, relaxing under the sky full of stars is very peaceful. This can be the factor you never needed to miss.

Rise with the sun and enjoy the tasty breakfast before going back to Dubai.

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