Top Amazing facts about Uttarakhand you must know


Uttarakhand is a beautiful state located in northern India and is known for its scenic beauty, rich culture, and ancient heritage. Here are some amazing facts about Uttarakhand:

  1. The state of Uttarakhand was formed on November 9, 2000, after being carved out of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. The famous Char Dham Yatra, which includes the temples of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, is considered one of the most sacred pilgrimages in Hinduism and is located in Uttarakhand.
  3. The state has the highest density of tigers in India, with the Jim Corbett National Park being a famous tiger reserve.
  4. Uttarakhand is known for its rich biodiversity and has 12 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, making it a popular destination for nature lovers.
  5. The state is also known for its contribution to the Indian Army and is home to the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun.
  6. Uttarakhand is known for its traditional handicrafts, including woodwork, handloom, and stone carving.
  7. The state has several popular hill stations like Mussoorie, Nainital, and Ranikhet, which attract a large number of tourists.
  8. The Ganges, one of the most sacred rivers in India, originates from the Gangotri glacier located in Uttarakhand.
  9. Uttarakhand is also known for its ancient temples, including the famous Kedarnath and Badrinath temples, which are believed to be more than a thousand years old.
  10. The state is also known for its rich cuisine, which includes popular dishes like bhang ki chutney, chainsoo, and kafuli.
  11. Uttarakhand is known for its vibrant and colorful festivals, such as the Kumbh Mela, Devaria Jaat, and Ganga Dussehra.
  12. The state has several adventure sports destinations, including Rishikesh, which is known as the “Yoga Capital of the World” and is famous for its white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and other adventure activities.
  13. Uttarakhand is home to the Valley of Flowers National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is famous for its stunning alpine flowers and unique ecosystem.
  14. The state has a rich literary tradition and is home to several renowned writers and poets, including the famous Hindi poet, Sumitranandan Pant.
  15. Uttarakhand is also known for its traditional folk music and dance forms, such as the Langvir Nritya, Barada Nati, and Chholiya.
  16. The state is home to several historical and archaeological sites, such as the ancient rock art paintings at Lakhu Udyar, the ruins of the Kedarnath temple, and the Bhim Pakora boulder that is believed to be balanced on a small rock due to the strength of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata epic.
  17. Uttarakhand is a major producer of agricultural products such as wheat, rice, and sugarcane, and is also known for its rich horticultural produce, including apples, oranges, and strawberries.
  18. The state has a rich biodiversity and is home to several rare and endangered species, including the snow leopard, musk deer, and Himalayan monal.
  19. Uttarakhand has a rich tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga, and the state is home to several Ayurvedic centers and Yoga retreats that attract tourists from all over the world.
  20. The people of Uttarakhand are known for their warmth, hospitality, and cultural richness, making it a unique and fascinating destination for travelers.

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