Must Visit Top 10 Stunning Places on Your Dubai Tour


Glitzy Dubai is the world’s most traveled holiday hot spot. This city has modified itself from the Desert outpost to high-rise skyscrapers, the largest shopping malls, lively nightlife, amazing rides to colorful Cruizers, and whatnot. Dubai is the perfect destination for people seeking out to plan their next holidays to the most vibrant place in the world. Dubai is the major city houses around 20 million tourists every year, according to

Dubai is famous for sightseeing on the Dubai City Tour, where you are free to travel all stunning places of which you dream someday. Visiting the tallest building of the world- the Burj Khalifa, or the largest Shopping Mall- the Dubai Mall, every place of Dubai enchants its own beauty that outshines its uniqueness in the world.

Must Visit Top 10 Stunning Places on Your Dubai Tour

Roaming Routes invites you to make your dream come true by visiting the Top 10 Stunning Places that makes it a complete Dubai Tour without missing any major hotspot of the city. The vibrant city, Dubai offers you multiple awe-inspiring Dubai attractive places that are popular in the world. With all the exciting minds, make your holidays fantastic this 2020, book your Dubai Tour Packages with Roaming Routes.

Let’s check out the 10 Most Stunning Places to Visit in Dubai Tour:

1. Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Building

The tallest building of the world stands at a height of 830 meters from the tip, Burj Khalifa is one of the major Dubai attraction Places. The most alluring building houses the two decks- a Los Vegas-inspired fountain, secondly, the building holds the most luxurious nine hotels along with multiple restaurants. Climb up to the 125th floor to witness the most dynamic view of Dubai amidst the clouds. It’s the best 21st-century architecture marvel that holds a supreme place in the heart of Dubai. Advance booking of tickets is advisable.

Burj Khalifa - The Tallest Building


2. Desert Safari at the Arabian Desert

Dubai city is best known for adventurous rides, whether in the White Sandy Desert or a Dhow Cruise Ride at night. The Golden Desert of Dubai still lies in the heart of the city, offering fantastic rides such as Desert Safari, Camel Rides or having a Lip-smacking Dine while enjoying the Belly Dance Show over the vast Desert. The place is worth experiencing the Desert Lifestyle.

Desert Safari at the Arabian Desert


3. Dubai Mall – The Largest Mall

Dubai Mall is the largest Mall in the world, that holds around 1200 stores at a place, providing 14,000 parking spaces to the visitors. The entire large mall is stretched in an area of 500,000sqm that rewards its greatness. Dubai mall is best-known at the time of Dubai Shopping Festival during January – February where millions of tourists visit to become a part of such a great carnival. The place is an idol place for idyllic shoppers. It’s the best place to explore Dubai Tour Packages.

Dubai Mall- the Largest Mall


4. Ski Dubai – an indoor Ski Resort

Ski Dubai is a place with an area of 22,500 sqm, an indoor Ski Resort placed in the Dubai mall. The place is the largest Ski Park in the world offering multiple activities to enjoy in the diverse zone of the place that includes Snow Park, Ice Museum, Ski Slopes, and a Ski Academy where you can learn Skiing. You can also enjoy live concerts of events that are hosted in an eatery known as Avalanche Cafe in the Ski Dubai. The place awaits your visit on your Dubai Tour.

Ski Dubai- an indoor Ski Resort


5. Palm Island

The place house three most beautiful islands including Palm Jebel, Palm Jumeirah, and Palm Deira. The island is so huge stretched along the sea coast that it produces an urge to the first-time traveler to visit again. The place is also known as an artificial Archipelago which is described as an epitome of beauty and created by land reclamation that extends into the Persian Gulf. The Palm Island showcases the overhead view of a Palm Tree along with a out-circle. This place was one of the major Tourism Projects of the Dubai Govt. and tops the list of Dubai Attractive Places. The Palm Atlantis, Lost Chambers Aquarium, and the Aquaventure Waterpark are housed in the same Island.

Palm Island


6. Jumeirah Beach Park

Beach Park is the most famous place for tourists to visit during the Dubai Tour Packages. Located south in the district of Al Fahidi District that stretched along the coastline. The White Sandy Strip stands along with the high-rated Resorts and awe-inspiring properties such as Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and Wild Wadi Water Park, which makes the place more beautiful. Indulge yourself in various water-sport activities such as Bungee Jumping, Parasailing, Kitesurfing, Underwater diving, and more.

Jumeirah Beach Park


7. Dubai Creek

One of the major ports in UAE is the Saltwater Dubai Creek. The Creek Port is so attractive that it is not only the place of major attraction but also acts as a commercial lifeline that allows movement of trade activities. The place is famous during the evening hours because of its most vibrant scenic view of Dubai while riding on a Dhow Cruise, vessels, or on a boat. Enjoy an appetizing dine with the charismatic view on the waterfront and enjoy the chill breeze during the ride in your Dubai Tour.

Dubai Creek


8. Dubai Museum

The place is a dynamic Museum that built-in 1787 to defend Dubai Creek. Dubai Museum is housed in the Al-Fahidi District stands with high walls carved out of traditional blocks that are held together with lime. As you will enter, you will confront the old maps of Dubai and Emirates that depict the mammoth expansion while hitting the region after the oil boom. You will also witness multiple ancient weapons along with Royal Emirati Musical instruments. The place is worth visiting by History or architecture lovers.

Dubai Museum


9. Jumeirah Mosque

A too copy of Cairo’s Al-Azhar mosque, Jumeirah Mosque is the most beautiful Mosque known throughout the world. The place is the only mosque that allows the non-muslim community to enter and visit the whole place. The Grand Mosque offers the finest sight of Islamic Architecture that was built in the Medieval Fatimid tradition and holds the two large minarets that display the captivating art details of the stonework. You can visit the Mosque at 10 am except Fridays.

Jumeirah Mosque


10. Sheikh Zayed Road

The roadhouses Dubai’s modern downtime Business District, most-known for eight-lane highway. The road offers Dubai famed skyscrapers that is one of the best on-the-ground vantage points in Dubai Tour. The most famous Dubai Malls are located along the road’s route. The road also houses the tallest Dubai World Trade Tower that has an observation deck on its top floor and offers the visitors mesmerizing views of the city. The Gold and Diamond is also located on the same road that offers a shopping option for jewelry lovers. It’s a must-visit place on your Dubai Tour.

Sheikh Zayed Road


If you’re planning this holiday to Dubai Tours, then this blog is for you. The blog contains the top listed 10 stunning places while exploring the Dubai City Tour. These places are listed after researching authentic data of the Dubai Government. So plan your Dubai Trip, pack your bags, call out your traveling buddies and book the best Dubai Tour Packages with Roaming Routes.

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