Enjoy Fun and Romantic Honeymoon Trip at the Popular Destination Goa



Everyone knows that weddings are made in heaven but celebrating a honeymoon in India is bliss. Of course, plenty of destinations are there across the world, which helps you to enjoy your honeymoon in the best manner. However, India has dumped with numerous honeymoon destinations, which fulfill almost all the honeymooners’ requirements and demands. To be honest, finding the right Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India is quite hard.
If you wish to make your journey perfect and unforgettable, then book the honeymoon package to the beach paradise destination, Goa. Yes! You have heard it right. Goa is such a great and excellent destination to spend the days of next beginning of your life with your better half happily. Keep on reading to know how Goa helps you make memories, which you will cherish forever!

Make your honeymoon trip fun-filled

Whenever thinking about honeymoon destinations in India, the first place comes in everyone mind is Goa. It is because Goa is a place where couples can able to enjoy fun and party like a honeymoon. There is no need for a great introduction to Goa as almost all the people aware of this destination. Being the popular Honeymoon destination in India, Goa has everything to make your trip memorable and ensure your honeymoon trip never does end. With glorious Portuguese architecture, Balmy shores, eclectic nightlife, and delectable spice-laden vindaloo, Goa always welcomes couples with the red carpet.


Goa has more than beaches to make couples fall in love again and again as well as ensures their wedding fever does not fade away much easier and quicker. If you really wish to think about your honeymoon even after many years of life together, then without any second thought book the best Goa honeymoon packages. Engage with the right tour operator who is ready to customize the package as per your needs and demands. Planning your trip beforehand will ensure hassles free honeymoon trip.

Top romantic things couples can do

  • As mentioned before, numerous things are there in Goa apart from beautiful beaches along with jaw-dropping sunsets, churches, party scenes, and nightlife. Take a glance at the myriad of romantic things, which couples can do in Goa on honeymoon.
    Enjoy the adventure with your lovely partner with a large number of islands and beaches in Goa. It offers several water activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and parasailing, which are delightful, thrilling, and romantic as well.
  •  Immerse and forget yourself by enjoying the excellent views of the sunset from the great Fort Chapora by joining hands with your beloved one. Even you can take a beautiful picture of that moment and hang it in your living room to cherish that moment every time you look at the picture.
  •  If you and your partner love to dance, then a night out in any one of the finest clubs in the country and dance as you wish by holding your partner hands. It might be a fantastic treat for your honeymoon trip. In fact, it creates some party and romantic mood to spend up your night in a better way
  •  With the tension and stress of marriage, your body might feel pain and stress, so that takes some time and enjoy message to feel yourself relax. Afterward, get into the honeymoon mood with full of energy and peace.
  •  Goa tourism development corporation runs plenty of river cruises on the water of the famous Mandovi river during sunset, moonlight, and daytime. Honeymooners can take spend some romantic time in that river cruise
  • Get unique romantic experience by walking through the dark passages of both human-made and natural caves in Goa such as Rivona, Lamgau, and Arvalem.

Adventurous yet romantic places in Goa

With myriads of excellent honeymoon destinations all over the place, Goa attracts more and more couples across the world. Enjoy the Loving Honeymoons with delicious cuisines, Portuguese culture, and beach parties. Go through the below section carefully to know the romantic places in Goa to enjoy honeymoon trip in the best way.

1- Butterfly beach
This beach is located in between two hills and remains crowded all the times. Every couple should visit this beach before dying because it is such a lovely and romantic place, especially for honeymoon. Since it has comfortable and private area, spend some time privately with your loved one. Besides, you will enjoy romantic strolls, dolphin watching, and kayaking. To reach this destination, you have to trek via dense forest from Palolem. Along with this, you can visit beaches such as Vagator, Anjuna, Sinquerium, and Calangute.

2- Bamanbudo waterfalls

If you wish to add scenic and nature settings in your Goa India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages, then you should visit the picturesque waterslide, Bamanbudo waterfalls. Due to its outstanding cascade and scenery, it becomes the best waterfalls in Goa. Along with tranquility of the destination, birds’ melodies voice maximizes the charming quotient and enhances romantic duos for the heavenly feel. You can also look after waterfalls such as Harvalem and Dudhsagar.

3- Charao Island
Do you want to spend some relaxing time with your partner? You can stay any one of the romantic islands in Goa. Of course, Goa is home to several islands such as Grand Island, Anjediva Island, and Pequeno island. Nothing will replace the fun and enjoyment of Charao island. When you visit Goa for a honeymoon trip, never miss exploring spellbound and beautiful Charao island, which situated on Mandovi river. It is one of the hidden places in Goa, especially for couples to chill and have romantic forest walks and bird watching.

Out of all, Goa has many majestic forts to visit, restaurants to eat delicious foods, and shopping place to treat your loved one with a special gift. The best time to take Goa Honeymoon & Romantic Packages India is anywhere between October and April. Even November to February is the best time to visit, but it is a peak tourist’s season. The ideal days to go for Goa honeymoon trip are 6days and 5days so that plan your trip accordingly.

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