Top Amazing Facts about of Canada you must know


Canada came into existence on 1 July, 1867 at that time the British North America Act was passed by the British Parliament. Canada comprised different fun, wired and interesting facts which may enhance the interest of the globetrotters to explore more about the amazing place and surely enhance the willingness to visit the spectacular destination.


Interesting Facts about Canada

  • Canada is named after the word “Canata” which was generally used by the common Canadian in the past. When French Explorer met with the common people in Canada, he was impressed with the word as the Canadians use this word in their daily life.
  • More than 70% Canadian population have been migrated from India.
  • Canada is ranked as 2nd when it is considered on the basis of area and as per the land basis it is ranked as 4th in the whole world.
  • Canada has won the maximum number of gold medals in Olympics, 2010.
  • Area of Canada has been spread up to 9,984,680 sq. km and there are also 6 time zones.
  • It’s a home for around 55,000 different classes for the insects.
  • Every year, during winter season “Hotel the Glase is made by 400 ton ice and 12,000 Ton snowfall. As during summer season the ice melts and it has to be reproduced during winters.
  • Canada has around 2, 02,080 km long sea shore.
  • Torento Rozer Center which is known as the Sky Dome is famous for the largest screen of Sony in the world that is approximate 10m * 33.6 m long.
  • Canada has 198 jains and Auntario is the smallest jail in the world, located in Canada which is only 24.3 m2
  • Canada is known to be the largest producer of the world’s Uranium.
  • Canada has the only 1 desert which provides boardwalk to the visitors. This desert is located in the British Columbia.
  • Some of the famous Canadian personalities are James Cameron, Michael Buble, Mike Myres, Jim Carrey and William Shanter.
  • Canada has a large number of famous and well known musicians, writers, rock and rollers.
  • Canada has 9% water supply of the world.
  • Trans Canada highway is the longest highway in the world which is around 4725 miles long.
  • Mount Lagoon is the highest mountain in Canada.
  • The longest fresh water beach is Wasaga Beach which is located in Canada only.
  • Canada consists of fourth lowest population density in the world inspite of being a big country.
  • Lowest temperature is recorded in Canada is -63C in 1957.
  • Nunavut territory is the northernmost world’s permanent settlement.
  • The border that joins Canada and the United states is generally known as the international boundary which is 5,525 miles long.
  • Della falls, British Columbia in Canada is the highest waterfall
  • The sunniest place in Canada is the Saskatchewan which is recorded for 2,537 hours of per year shining.
  • Northwest Territories has two of the largest lakes in the world which includes Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake.
  • One fifth of the Canada’s total land area is belonged to Nunavut.
  • Canada’s approximate 81% population resides in cities.
  • Approximate 16% of Canadians are of the age 65 or more.
  • 69% of Canada’s population comprises the age around 15 to 64.
  • Eh is the most common word used by the Canadians at the end of a sentence.
  • OUT and ABOUT is the word which makes an American smile every time.
  • Around 2,80,681 new residents were introduced to Canada that include foreign students and temporary workers.
  • One Dollar coin in Canada is known as Loonie and 15 million loonies can be produced in a single day at the time of production.
  • Canada has won around 10 Nobel prizes.
  • Per person yearly wastage in Canada is 640 kg.
  • Canada’s national sports are Hockey and Lacrosse.
  • In 1883, the baseball glove was invented.
  • 3 times, Canada had hosted Olympics.
  • Sports icons for the Canadians include hockey, golf, basket ball and Campbell.
  • The most popular spectator sports in Canada are football, Ice hockey and baseball.
  • Canada’s official languages are French and English.
  • Literacy rate in Canada is over 99%.
  • Robert Stanley has written the English Version of Canada’s National Anthem.
  • The national flag of Canada has 11 pointed red maple leaf on a white square.
  • In 1882, the electric cooking range was invented by Thomas Ahearn.
  • The first explorer to reach Canada in 1497 was John Cabot.
  • Viking settled the east coast of Canada which was proved to be a worth visit.
  • Ice wine is very popular in Canada which is made from the frozen grapes usually served as a dessert wine.
  • Canada has around 15 world heritage sites.
  • Approximate half of the polar bear of the world are found in Nunavut.
  • Canada has around 200 species of mammals and 630 bird species.

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