Best Travel Tips For A Long Driving Vacation


Have the holidays started for your children? So, it is better to take them on a trip far away from your present location. New places, new culture, and new people. The environment will be new to your children. But this article is a little different. It deals on the best travel tips for a long driving vacation by car. Now, isn’t that great? But you will have to prepare properly with every member of your family in case of a long vacation. If you are going by car.



With so many tourist destinations in India, it is mandatory to stay safe on the road. Usually, a long driving vacation can mean driving more than 12 hours to drive for more than three days, taking breaks on the way. You can stay at lodges during the night and then resume the journey. All the while, your children will jump in joy and they will be the happiest on Earth during the trip.


Ensure you follow the best travel tips for a long driving vacation before venturing out with your family.

  • Best Travel Tips  Stock Your Sleep Time


Driving a car for long hours can make you go to the crazy mode. So, the brains in your head, they need proper rest. Ensure you get two days of full night sleep before the driving journey. You need to store energy to use during the driving process. And follow the rule of experienced long-distance drivers. Never drive in the period of 1 pm to 3 pm. At these times, a human will face a lack of energy and drowsiness. Take care not to consume any alcohol or drugs on the day of the night before the journey.

  • Best Travel Tips  – The Destination Map


You should know the destination. Or else take a map or make use of navigation apps or at least, have a map. You should also know the places where you can refuel the car, the eateries along with the road and resting spots. Do not go on the road less traveled by car in the night. You may put your family at risk.

Okay, we can hear your laughter. You are in the 21st century. Agreed. Without doubt. But what will you do, if there is no internet, no battery charge? So do not depend on only one means of the travel route. Hope you understand our genuine concern for your family members.

  • Best Travel Tips  – Weather Conditions


Before starting on your journey, pay attention to the weather reports. There are chances, you may have to postpone the travel trip if there are heavy rains and improper condition of roads.

Do you know someone at your target destination? Then ensure you stay in touch all over your journey. You need to ensure that the car tank is full before starting the journey.

The reason for your taking rest is that the safety and security of the family members are dependent on the driving skills. Please note, unless it is a lonely road, you need to be alert at all times.

  • Best Travel Tips  – Fuel up


This is necessary not only for the car, or two-wheelers but also for you. In your baggage, you need to carry snacks (vitamin-based). Please do not go for the fast-food stops during the journey. The best snacks for a long drive are almonds and carrots. They can help you stay alert.

Always keep an eye on the fuel meter. You do not want to stop at a place where there is no fuel station. Right? If the fuel tank has already crossed 75 percent, consider refueling at the station. Yes, you have the GPS and search option, but do not wait for the end moment.

  • Best Travel Tips – Stay hydrated


Your body makes up more than sixty percent of water. Ensure you and your family members stay hydrated throughout the journey if you have planned summer vacation. You should eat light during the journey. A full tummy can set you in the sleep mode.

  • Best Travel Tips – Plan your stops

How will you become a superman? When you drive continuously for twelve hours at a single stretch. You need to plan stops at regular times during the day. They can be at mealtimes or especially in the evening.

  • Best Travel Tips  – Use Good Scents


During the drive, do you feel tired? Then try sniffing the peppermint scent. A sniff can make you alert again.

  • Best Travel Tips – Seats


Since you will drive for at least three hours at a stretch, you need to ensure that the seat is properly adjusted. In case of a trance, stop the car and stretch your body.

  • Best Travel Tips – Keep The Family Members Entertained


If you have kids, they will ask questions or play games inside the car. Focusing on the road and answering questions can drive you to fatigue. You need to ensure every family member in the car right from the kids to your parents stay entertained. There is no need to pull a long face. After all, you have come to make merry, right?

  • Best Travel Tips – Treat yourself to some sounds


Do you want to stay alert as well as enjoy the trip? Then listen to your favorite songs. The music can make the mind and brain remain alert. Not to mention the enthusiasm of family members.

  • Best Travel Tips – Follow the Traffic Rules


The rules may differ slightly from one State to another, but you need to be aware. When you are in the middle of a pleasant journey, it is a waste of time if you are pulled for reckless driving. Be careful while talking on the phone. You may end up with an accident.

  • Pass The Baton Around

Do you have another family member who can drive the car? Then pass the wheel. It will also take the burden off your shoulder. Everyone will feel happiness.

  • Speed


Speed can make you go to the thrill mode, but please be careful. Do not try to do bizarre acts to impress your family members.

  • Emergency Tools

Ensure you do not forget the emergence tools mentioned below. The reason, either in summer or winter, you may come across a few unfortunate situations. These tools will help in these circumstances.

  • Flares 

Do not forget to take reflective triangles or flares. If the vehicle has suffered a breakdown, then you can warn other drivers. You need to have battery LED flashes. If it is the winter, ensure you have survival blankets and sleeping bags handy.

  • Jumper Cables 

It may happen. Your batteries will not work. In this situation, a jumper cable can prove to be your savior. Do not forget to carry another battery pack in your car.

  • First Aid Kit 


It is a must-have during the journey. It can address any minor injuries or serious wounds. Are there senior members on your trip? Ensure you have taken the medications for them.

  • Car Fluids & Tools 

What is the worst situation you can encounter? It may be a flat tire. You also need to keep aside some amount of motor oil, a toolkit with screwdrivers and pliers. Also, do not forget to check the wiper blades before going for the journey. Are they worn out? If they malfunction during the trip, you may have to search and purchase new models. So ensure you have new wiper blades handy.


These are some best travel tips for a long driving vacation. There is also one important tip, we are giving it the last, but it is of importance. The efficiency and working condition of your car. Before going on the journey, ensure it is in perfect shape. Similar to the wiper blades, you also need to check every part of the four-wheelers. The reason, you are taking your family members for a long drive.

Maintenance Service

So, give the maintenance service before starting on the journey. And ensure it is given by the best mechanics. But you are a working person and so is your wife. Your children are too young to take the car to the mechanic. Your parents do not know about driving the car. You do not have to go to the mechanic shop these days. You can make the car mechanic come to your home to give the service. How? Let us explain with an example.

You are in Bangalore, and planning a long drive. So you landed on this page. Where will you get the best car mechanic in Bangalore? Let us tell the easy method. Have you heard about home appliance repair companies who also have the best bike mechanics in Bangalore in their payrolls? Some companies not only have qualified handyman professionals for providing doorstep repair services at the customer doorstep. They also have experienced car mechanics and car service companies in their customer care team. Download the app of the best company, go through the profiles and hire the best car mechanic in the city within four minutes. You can make him come to your home to give the maintenance service in your free time. Your car will get a perfect service, minor repairs will get fixed. The four-wheelers will play the perfect vehicle during the journey.

Have a nice trip. All the best!

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