Top Most Popular Hill Stations in India for Holidays


India is one of the top notch tourist destination which comprises vast landscapes, stunning hills and adventurous rocky cliffs. Experience the tranquility at the various geographical land of diversity which has fascinated mountain trails to excite the leisure and thrill seekers. Awe spring hill stations offer a never fading experience to the visitors. Enjoy the numerous exciting activities with a view of the picturesque surroundings, scenic beauty and vibrant culture. Top hill stations in India attract the globetrotters across the world to enjoy the palatial time in a pleasant and exciting way. Numerous stunning destinations take visitors away from the bustling city life to experience the challenging tasks.Here is a list of Top Most Popular Hill Stations in India for Holidays which offers panoramic views to enthrall the voyagers.



1- Shimla: Shimla is a magnificent hill station in the Himalayas which comprises high mountain trails, rocky cliffs and natural splendors. A luxurious journey in the lap of the Himalayas with the highest summits, souvenirs fabrics and snowcapped mountains. Jakhoo Temple, Christ Church, Scandal point, fort and heritage cultural complex are the major attractions at the hilly destination. A plethora of adventurous and entertainment opportunities in Shimla gives a chance to enjoy holidays in an amazing way.


 2- Ooty: Ooty has been established as a summer retreat for the family and couples which are surrounded by the lush green forests. A hill station in the Nilgiri Hills that gives a palatial experience of enjoying the “Toy Train” in an impeccable way. A crowded place attracts the visitors to explore the temples, Emerald Lake, Nilgiri Mountain, Botanical Gardens and valley. Explore the inspiring hills of the mountains which give an exciting experience to the gardens. The hill station in India comprises verdant beauty, iconic charm, pine forests and churches as the major attractions.


3- Darjeeling: Darjeeling is a spectacular hill station which is surrounded by green tea plantation. Nestled in West Bengal, the perfect spot take you to enjoy the “Toy Train” at the great Himalayan peaks. Explore the scenic beauty, breathtaking views and waterfalls from the summit of the Himalayas that surely cherish you forever. A memorable and exciting trip where Tiger Hills, Zoological Park, peace pagoda and Monastery are the main attractions for the visitors. A dreamland with natural beauty, captivating sites, waterfalls and tea gardens present panoramic views to make the trip memorable and exciting.



4- Srinagar: Srinagar is the scenic splendor in Jammu and Kashmir that comprises natural gardens, houseboats and valleys. A peaceful destination in India which take couples to enjoy the palatial time in a romantic way. The pleasant weather and cool climate in Srinagar are known as the land of lakes where Dal Lake is the major attraction for the couples to enjoy houseboat ride. A glimpse of the Kashmiri culture and handicrafts can be seen in Srinagar. The place also comprises snowcapped mountains and deep valleys to enjoy paragliding, trekking, ice skating, snowboarding.



5- Leh-Ladakh: Leh- Ladakh is the most emerging hill station in India which has gained popularity nowadays. Attracts the visitors across the world to enjoy numerous adventurous activities including mount biking, hiking, trekking and mountaineering. Situated in the Himalayan mountain peaks, the place takes you to explore the Buddhist monasteries, wildlife and culture. A dream destination with the world’s highest buildings, snowcapped mountains, captivating sights and panoramic views. The place offers world renowned exciting opportunities to attract the lovers of nature and adventure. Numerous trekking trails, valleys and lakes present the mesmerizing picture to make your trip worth.



6- Mount Abu: Mount Abu is the most visited hill station is located close to the Aravali hills comprises pleasant weather, lakes, waterfalls and desert. The place is blessed with the natural splendors, wildlife sanctuary, diverse flora and fauna to enjoy the time with your loved ones. Considered as a paradise for the visitors where a glimpse of the Hindu Shrine and temples attracts the voyagers to explore the scenic surroundings. Breathtaking sunset views, temple, lakes, hills and fort make the place the top notch hilly destination in India.



7- Coorg: Coorg is a perfect hill station in Karnataka with perfect landscapes, misty valley and picturesque landscapes. A great place for the lovers of nature which is well known for the exotic scenery, waterfalls and spice plantation that gives endless opportunities to the enthusiasts. Enjoy elephant safari, adventurous sports and breathtaking scenery of the surroundings that surely rejuvenate you. The amazing place is considered as the Scotland in India where vibrant beauty and pleasant weather excites the curious spectators. An ideal tourist destination offers mesmerizing views to make your trip worth and memorable.



8- Auli: Auli is the renowned destination in India which comprises calm atmosphere, pleasant weather, scenic surroundings and exciting activities. Located in Uttarakhand, the hill station offers the finest views, thrilling activities and enjoyment opportunities. The place enthralls the curious enthusiasts which make Auli the best tourist hub where you can enjoy the cable ride. The great Himalayan peaks offer mesmerizing views, hot spring and mesmerizing views to impress the leisure and thrill seekers.



 9- Kasol: Kasol is a hilly destination in India which is surrounded by river, valley and snowcapped mountains. Pleasant climate and tranquility make the place amazing for the visitors to spend the palatial time with your family or loved ones. Manikaran Sahib, Parvati River, trekking and rock climbing are the major attractions of the stunning spot which attracts the lovers of nature and thrill. Indulge in the exciting adventurous activities which give a glimpse of the verdant landscapes and natural wonders to give an unforgettable experience to all age persons. A perfect tourist hub where mouth-watering cuisines, scenic surroundings and culture offers the unlimited enjoyment opportunities.



10- Manali: Manali is the perfect hill station in India that presents breathtaking views of the glaciers, peaks and valleys to fill you in the never fading excitement. A plethora of enjoyment opportunities, vibrant beauty and natural splendors gives a pleasant experience to nature and thrill seekers. A perfect spot in the lap of the Himalayas which offers numerous adventurous activities including skiing, paragliding, trekking and rafting. An awe-spring hill station is located high above the sea level is considered as a paradise for the couples to enjoy a honeymoon in a romantic way. Enjoy sightseeing, dining and adventure at the spectacular spot that attracts the curious onlookers.



11- Munnar: Munnar is an ideal hill station in Kerala that comprises the picturesque views, verdant beauty and spice plantation. The spectacular spot takes visitors to engulf in the magnificent attractions including Eravikulam National Park, wildlife, landscapes, diverse flora and fauna. A perfect spot for the thrill seekers which is famous for spice and tea plantation. Breathtaking surroundings and tranquility at the god’s own country take you to love the place and enjoy holidays in an impeccable way. Hiking trails, waterfalls and mountain trails take visitors to indulge in the amazing experience that remains in your lifetime memories.



12- Nainital: Nainital is a bustling small town in Uttarakhand that takes visitors to explore the picturesque beauty, green hills and enchanting lakes. One of the perfect gateway for the visitors which is considered a paradise for the couples to enjoy the honeymoon and engaged in thrilling activities. Eco Cave garden and Naini lake are the major attraction of the Nainital that give enthralling and mesmerizing experience to all the voyagers. An ample opportunity to please the visitors in the most romantic, thrilling and impeccable way. Explore diverse flora and fauna at the majestic hill station which offers panoramic views along with photographic opportunities.



13- McLeodganj: McLeodganj is an amazing hill station in Himachal Pradesh with charming attractions and colorful shops. The fascinating holiday destination allows visitors to enjoy the palatial time with your family or loved ones. A popular gateway for the hikers and trekkers where Lake, waterfalls, museum and temple to make it the most memorable and enthralling terminus. The amazing spot attracts the Indian and International travelers to visit and capture the iconic scenery with the bird’s eye views.



14- Gangtok: Gangtok is the popular spot in India which comprises captivating hills, serene beauty and charming valleys. The beautiful hill station has become the most favorable spot to give an enchanting experience to the enthusiasts. Spectacular views, shopping, dining and accommodation makes alluring impressions over the minds of the visitors. One of the most serene cities that offers thrilling activities and breathtaking views to enchant the enthusiasts. Lake, viewpoint, monastery and hills present mesmerizing views for the enjoyment of the leisure and thrill seekers. The most iconic destination with lofty hills and panoramic beauty impress the voyagers.



15- Shillong: Shillong is the capital city in Meghalaya that comprises the charming hills, botanical garden, lake, waterfalls and sacred forest. Nestled amidst the Khasi Hills, Shillong presents a clear image of the culture to impress the curious onlookers. Pleasant and admirable climate of the hills station make it the perfect choice for the visitors to enjoy with family, friends or loved ones. Enjoy heavy rainfall and cool climate in Shillong where flowers and plants grew in abundance.



16- Matheran: Matheran is an ideal hill station with breathtaking views, scenic surroundings and trekking paths that please the visitors. A perfect tourist hub in India where majestic beauty, sightseeing, fine dining and lush green gardens that leave you to spell bound. A perfect tourist hub takes visitors to enjoy toy train ride in the most impressive ways. Clean and fresh air of the spectacular hill station make Matheran the most liked destination with an opportunity of sightseeing, fine dining and peaceful accommodation to enthrall the curious enthusiasts.



17- Mussoorie: Mussoorie is the perfect hill station comprises the iconic scenery, sparkling skyscrapers and natural wonders to please the visitors. The picturesque spot attracts the leisure and thrill seekers across the world to enjoy the magnificent views. A plethora of enjoyment opportunities for the leisure and thrill seekers to lose yourself in the captivating beauty and glittering skyline. Kempty falls in Mussoorie is the major attraction for the visitors that leaves an everlasting impression in the minds of the curious enthusiasts. Enjoy the glittering views of the valley and surroundings at night which surely impress the visitors to enjoy the pleasant holidays.



18- Lansdowne: A perfect hill station is surrounded by pine forests and oak trees to relax and enjoy the alluring beauty of nature. Pleasant weather and tranquil atmosphere rejuvenate your soul and offer surprising views of the great Himalayan summits. A perfect gateway for the honeymooners where you can visit the lake, museum and church. Enjoy numerous thrilling activities include trekking, paddling, boating, mountaineering and jungle safari. The great mountain peaks take visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the city that gives a magical experience to the voyagers. During the winter season, snowfall can be enjoyed by the leisure seekers to enjoy snowboarding and ice skating.



19- Dalhousie: Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station in India that offers panoramic views and a glimpse of the unique art. The perfect destination in Himachal Pradesh is known as the summer retreat for the voyagers that comprises natural wonders and pleasant climate. The scenic destination in India offers an ample opportunity to enjoy holidays in a unique and exciting way. Explore beautiful landscapes, panoramic views and scenic surroundings at the perfect destination along with photographic opportunities to make the trip memorable for the lifetime.



20- Almora: Almora is a vibrant hill station in Uttarakhand which is considered as a paradise with cultural diversity, mesmerizing scenery and snow capped Scenic beauty, water streams. Pine forests and trekking leaves an alluring impression over the mind of the voyagers. Considered as a perfect picnic spot comprises historical monuments, museum, temple and cool climate to enjoy in an exciting way. Explore the diverse flora and fauna at the stunning hilly spot which attracts the curious spectators to spend the palatial time in an exciting way.



21- Binsar: Binsar is the charming hill station with the captivating hills, picturesque landscapes and surprising attractions. Enjoy the natural splendors and breathtaking views that surely cherish your mood. Nestled in the Himalayan peaks, Binsar is the perfect gateway for the voyagers that offers the majestic views of the Himalayan summits. A palatial experience for the lovers of nature and adventure to enjoy activities in the high mountain trails. Mountain trails, orchards, flowers, wildlife and meadows amaze the curious onlookers.



22- Kodaikanal: Kodaikanal is the magnificent hill station in India which comprises the beautiful lakes, enchanting waterfalls and picturesque surroundings. Nestled in Sothern part of India, the amazing place gives a delightful experience to the voyagers. The serene beauty, valleys, lakes, waterfalls and surprising attractions of the amazing place offers magnificent views. The perfect hill station in India presents spectacular views to cherish the mood of the leisure seekers.



23- Araku: Araku is the perfect gateway for the honeymooners with breathtaking landscapes and scenic surroundings to enjoy romantic holidays. An ideal spot for the enthusiasts comprises cool climate rocky slopes and scenic beauty. Park, valley, coffee plantation and waterfalls are the major attractions of the place that attracts the curious enthusiasts. An amazing hill station in Andhra Pradesh is perfect for the lovers of nature and thrill to view valleys, natural splendors and captivating sights.



 24- Amarkantak: Amarkantak is the finest hill station in Madhya Pradesh which encompasses forests and ponds. The stunning hill station is a meeting point for the Satpura and Vindhya mountain range that attracts the visitors. Scenic surroundings and cool climate of the perfect hill station takes you away from the heat and humid of the city. The unique heritage vintage is popular with the name “Teerthraj that gives calmness and purity to the visitors. A holy and peaceful place to devote your prayer and enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings that enthrall the enthusiasts.



25- Bhimtal: Bhimtal is a popular hill station for the lovers of nature and adventure that gives a palatial experience to the thrill seekers. Pleasant weather, scenic beauty and spectacular views that take visitors to enjoy the holidays in the most impeccable way. Located high above the sea level, the magnificent hill station attracts the leisure and adventure seekers.  Visit lake, temple, museum and dam in Bhimtal along with the photographic opportunities in the magnificent scenery to make the trip memorable. A palatial experience for the globetrotters to enjoy the scenic beauty and pleasant weather. An enthralling hill station in India takes visitors to enjoy numerous thrilling activities in an exciting way.



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